Beware the Roast!

The Chuck Roast Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Many legends and stories persist about the true origins of this group of hell-raisers. Some say they started out on the east coast; others claim they could only truly be sent from one place... Straight from the fiery depths of hell!!! Riding on steeds of rolling fire, and armed with constantly smoking soul-takers provided by the evil devil himself! Beware when you cross paths with this band of vile vagrants... For judgement day may just be upon you!

Joining the posse

There is no joining The Chuck Roast Gang. Either you are born in (In Hell) or invited by existing members.



  • Leader 1 There is no one defined leader.
  • Leader 2

Other members

  • Member 1 Kgoods711
  • Member 2 Stroke77
  • Member 3 Rdigi
  • Member 4 Badb0yb1ll

External links

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