The Confederate of North East Arses is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Just a bunch of idiots roaming around the Western Border States, knifing bears, executing horses, suicide bombing Tesoro Azul with dynamite, driving wagons off cliffs with people on and generally failing at gang matches.

Joining the posse

We're not really recruiting as such but if you fancy joining us and having a good laugh you're definitely welcome to, just message me (inFa11ib1e) and I'll send you an invite. XBL only.


The Eton Rifles -> The Native American ||| inFa11ib1e -> The other Native American, with awesome wellies. ||| FyReHaZzArD -> The undecided. ||| Ptflee -> The Jesus wanabe soon to be lawman. ||| TheRampantTramp -> The Black Man. |||

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