American Flag

The Confederation of American Natives is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

"Native Americans beware of foreign influence"

About the posse

We are a skilled posse that will obliterate anyone that challenges us but we are able to negotiate peace. We usually use rifles when we do use pistols we use revolvers. Our main base is The Wreck of Serendipity. Other bases are Cochinay,El Presido,and Blackwater.

Joining the posse

Message me on Xbox live. You should at least be a prestige its not enforced but its just a plus. You must mainly use rifles and must have a mic and not be a complete dick.


  • Leader-Gray Ghost T93 5th Prestige


  • Right Hand-strwrsfn97 5th Prestige
  • Body Guard 1- squirtsquirt24 5th Prestige
  • Body Guard 2- Chosen by rank & skill
  • Squad Leader-badboy5744 5th Prestige


  • downhere17
  • VikingSasquatch
  • SoleFunny dude
  • Member 4
  • Member 5
  • Member 6
  • Member 7
  • Member 8
  • Member 9
  • Member 10


  • Current Quick Draw Champion-Strwrsfn97
  • Rock'em Sock'em Cowboy-Squirtsquirt24

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