Yes my wiki name is missed spell i know.

Ok lets talk About my posse....FOLLOW THESE RULES!!!!!!!!!

1.Don't be a jerk to any 1 of a race other than yours.

2.You must be at least 12 to join the posse.

3.Don't shoot Your own posse members. if you do you will have a warning the 1st time a punshment for the 2nd time and for the 3rd you will be booted from the posse. the new people in them get to know the map and such.

(Don't care if you do or not
Baileys TRDR design
) 5.have a head set (mic) so that we can think of a plan if ambushed by other players.

If you want to join add me on PSN my name in couier_6.

Our slang is "We deliver bullets to the brian"

And yes you may some bad words in this pose.

play as a person that some one else isn't playing as.

DLC you must have Undead nightmare,liers and cheats,myths and mavericks,outlaws to the end, or some a DLC with more people to play as.

Place's we meet are black water beachers hope.....we will test your skills in the RDR world.

ranks for new people like level 1 people:grass hoper

people above level 10 are called: rookie(s)

level 20 people are called: killers

level 30 to 50: BAD ASS

We also help people level up so...yeah. xD!!!

we do the Don't ask And Don't tell rule this means if your gay or lesbian and some ask you from another posse if you are gay or don't tell them...and don't if some is gay or lesbian because they might not feel right when you ask them.

oh and one more thing women/girls can join this posse....

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