The Crutches is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Old crazy people having fun. where am I, who are you, I'm lost. can anyone show the way to Pike's Basin

PLS Help me!!! Where is my turtle,

Where's my horse? Wait I'm on it!!

My game froze! Caren close your freezer door.

Am I the posse leader?

Although most of these jokes are on caren_02 we only do this because shes very well liked. and P.S. don't follow Caren she's not called wrong way Caren for nothing.

Did you know tomahawks were not long distance weapons? Uhh.. Yeah

Wanna find the Crutches Posse? Look for CrossEyed-OldMan, CrossEyed-Swed or CrossEyed-Bobby.

Joining the posse

Ask us, we will probably forget that you asked! We have memory problems

headset required




  • Scrat1968 / Scrat1
  • caren_02 (Against her will)
  • Texasbeachbum
  • XXTheCrispyoneXX
  • XzX_Carl_XzX
  • deltaqueen
  • badplayer123456
  • sandmanR34
  • big_ronald_30
  • lion1953uk
  • Smeegle4U
  • musicmanbq
  • Pale--Rider--1
  • Mrs_Bear_
  • Mr_bear1
  • manIgottapee
  • rogier1607 [NL]
  • Peek_a_boo4
  • Iron_Force_Lead
  • DangerousChic01 (The Adopted One)


  • CrossEyed-OldMan
  • CrossEyed-Swed
  • CrossEyed-Bobby
  • CrossEyed-Rebels
  • CrossEyed-Woman
  • CrossEyed-Aussi
  • CrossEyed-Cowboy
  • CrossEyed-Ghost
  • CrossEyed-Rain

and many more to come...

for more information on the clan please contact CrossEyed-OldMan or CrossEyed-Swed

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