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Mr Daniel
The Daniel's Boys is a Red Dead Redemption posse for PS3.

About the posse

If you pick a fight with us be sure you can back up what you start. Whether you are a lvl 1 player or a 5th lvl legendary lvl 50 player, if you shoot first be ready. You got a fight coming your way. If you run we will hunt you down. Nothing makes us happier than chasing down pansies who think they can get a quick kill and then run away.

We mostly play free roam, land grab and co-op. We are always willing to help posse members with leveling up, trophies and achievements. No one here is impressed by what level you have reached just as long as you’re not a d-bag. Also if you use glitches of any kind don’t even bother asking to join. You’re obviously a sad, immature little piece of crap and your parents did a terrible job raising you.

Joining the posse

If you want to join The Daniel’s Boys just send a friend request to one of the original members and say you found this page. Before you send it though we do have a few rules. No douche bags, no ragers, no racists, no using casual aiming, no relying on the "spray and pray" weapons which include the all pistols (except for the Volcanic) and the semi-auto shot gun. No using glitches of any kind and no little kids. If you are or do any of the previously mentioned things do not bother us. And finally and most important this is all for fun and should never be taken that seriously. It is just a game after all.


Original Daniel's Boys

  • ID ZombieKiller21
  • ID solomancrow
  • ID Old_Number_07

Deputy Marshals

  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /
  • ID /

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