The Dark Gentlemen is a Red Dead Redemption Xbox Live posse.

Posse news

Welcome new members, Sunny Dei and Dymoss92!

About the posse

We are looking for ten, active, proven members to form a posse. We are a posse of players who funtion only in free roam, but are courteous and respectful of others, while still having no qualms about fighting dirty. We perform most of our missions and meetings during nighttime in-game. We hold frequent hunting trips, almost every weekend. We do participate in impromptu posse wars, but NEVER scheduled ones.

Joining the posse

CONTACT: Irish Shamrock1 via XBL, his talk page, or the discussion page of this article.

REQUIREMENTS: A black horse mount, a mic, and courteous, respectful, and team-oriented attitude, as well as willingness to follow orders. You must play free roam with either Irish or someone appointed by him for at least two hours to be considered for induction into the clan. You must be at least 14 years old to join. NO exceptions will be made.


1. BE COURTEOUS: This is the most important rule of the clan. ANY trash talking whatsoever is grounds for removal from the posse. Even if someone annoys you, be mature enough not to fire back.

2. BE READY: This means not only attending posse events whenever possible, but also readiness to follow orders whenever they're given, by Irish or anyone else appointed to lead in his stead.

3. BE ACTIVE: You need to play frequently in order to stay in the posse, unless you have a legitimate reason. The reasoning behind this rule is simple: The more you play, the better you get.

4. LANGUAGE: Mild swearing is acceptable, but NEVER directed at others. Also, this is an english-speaking clan, and no others will be accepted, simply for the sake of fluid communication.



Irish Shamrock1 Irish Shamrock1♣)


Other members

Sunny Dei

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