The Dark Riders

The Dark Riders...

The Dark Riders

We're a Red Dead posse consisting of psycho's, criminals, murderers, thieves and all round no-gooders. Originally formed in 2010 when Hcore Assins pulled the best of the best together to terrorize Red Dead. Ever since then more shady characters have met up to find our base or summon us to them to join. ONE WAY IN AND ONE WAY OUT!


In order to join the player must go under a series of tasks.

1. They must message a leader.
 2. They must win a horse race.
  3. They must fist fight stevoxtreme.
   4. They MUST be approved!


Leader - Hcore Assasins

Genera - stevoxtreme

Luitenant - Assassin360LEO

Commander -  Aero 20


Wee Chris01

Aidan 619

Cheesy Warrior

SrX Zombiez


We have a long history of violence with the weaker and impure mafia. Never have they bested us and never it will stay. Anyone caught with the crime of- Team killing, treason, theft of gang property or mouthing off the leader is punishable by...

Execution, Dog fight, Beatings, Brute fight, Being Gunned down, And Removal.

The Riders have started recruiting again. If you see a member in your game work your best.

We may note you.

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