The Darkwatch is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Darkwatch is an organization said to be a myth, they ride for Justice but there Justice is brought to the forces of the paranormal, Mortals and Immortals alike fighting side by side to make sure Humanity doesn't get swept away by the forces of the dark, these men and women put it all on the line to save Humanity, their lives, their gun's, and their souls. All those who do evil, will always Fear the badge., do you want to be the one wearing it?

Joining the posse

We are and XBL only clan, for those who want in, can contact me either in message or in free roam, My Gamertag is: Pvt Donut 1st Approach me with no weapons drawn, it tends to give me a twitchy trigger finger.


Pvt Donut 1st


Sheriff: Pvt Donut 1st

Deputy-Sheriff: (Apply after getting in,if interested, this needs to be someone I can trust.)

Affiliated Riders

This spot is for those who ride with us that are not necessarily Posse members.

Darkwatch Library

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