The Daybreakers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Daybreakers is a novel by Louis L'amour. It tells the story of Tyrel and Orrin Sackett as they try and survive in the West. We also survive in the West in many ways. During Free Roam we hunt. We know the best spots for hiding out, races, where to find guns. We know the best strategies of how to beat a gang hideout or any challenge for that matter. In Gang Shootout we rarely lose the standoff. We proceed to pummel the enemy team into submission with every weapon there. In Grab the Bag or Hold your Own we don't really give a damn about. We just run around with our pistols or repeaters shooting and if we happen across the bag we may grab it. We will accept any challenges from other Posses(once I actually get my Posse together) on Normal or Expert aim. Casual is for the kids who shouldn't even have the game and had to get their mommy to buy it for them. Have fun out there in the West.

Joining the posse

We play on the Xbox 360. If you see us playing then try and send me a message(HatedSovietLion) or sending a posse request in-game. We don't do tryouts. If you suck in the game than you're not in. If you use casual aim than you're not in. If you're an asshole than you're not in.



  • HatedSovietLion
  • TheSwordsEcho
  • flagger250
  • Leader 2

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.

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