Dead Eye Boondocks

The Dead Eye Boondocks is a Red Dead Redemption posse on XBOX 360.

Page last updated on: July 9th, 2010

About the Posse

We are the Dead Eye Boondocks. We are a cold-blooded militia who fight for pleasure, and who thrive on bloodshed. Fighting and hunting is our main center of focus.

Our clan is a roaming posse mainly situated in West Elizabeth, and our base of operations is in Blackwater and Cochinay. We partake in various forms of violent tasks and drills, such as lawmen shootouts, sieges, raids, gang shootouts, and posse wars. When not in combat, the clan completes hideouts and partakes in our recreational pass-time that is the noble king's sport of hunting. We hunt all wild game in the West Elizabeth area, and our main game is the grizzly bear of the Tall Trees area. We also do the occasional hunting outside of West Elizabeth and hunt for cougar, bobcat, wolf, etc. We are also a very infrastructured clan with unmatched tactics and leaders to render dominance at ease.

We are not to be trifled with, and we do not accept defeat. Fear the Dead Eye Boondocks!

How to Join & Rules

We are currently accepting requests to join. We are a mostly casual posse, however there are requirements and rules that are expected to be obeyed. The following requirements are listed below.

  • You must be a very good shooter/sniper (especially aiming at the head), due to the fact that our clan is involved in an abundance of shooting-related activities
  • You must be a decent tactician, for when the clan goes bear-hunting and PVP-fighting
  • You must always obey orders given to by the clan leaders, as they are the most tactically trained
  • You must own an XBOX 360 in order to get online with us, as we are a clan on the XBOX 360
  • When requesting to join please send a message (either on the clan's Facebook page linked below on the Our Other Clan Pages section, or on XBOX LIVE), telling what your best skillset is (EXAMPLE: Sharpshooting, assaulting, etc)
  • Create a single-word 'callsign' for use in-game (EXAMPLE: Roach, Ghost, Dust, etc) for easy recognition of clan members

Before being accepted into the clan, a new potential member will undergo complete tryouts prior to sending a request to join the clan.



  • Conscious Might [callsign]: "Might"
  • TheMoodieNord [callsign]: "Nord'"

Other members


xCraziexSniperx [callsign]: "Crazie"


Hey all! The Dead Eye Boondocks, as of July 9th, have a new member, xCraziexSniperx. He is an excellent shooter, and we are happy he's rollin' with us. Welcome to the posse, Crazie!

Updated by: TheMoodieNord

Our Other Clan Pages (Facebook page) (TheMoodieNord) (GameBattles page)

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