The Dead Men is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Dead Men have haunted the open plains of Red Dead Redemption since the beginning, spilling the blood of the innocent and the guilty alike. The number of enemies is irrelevant; they'll focus their rage on one person as viciously as they'd fight ten. Armed with golden rifles, pistols, and revolvers, the two have brought countless newcomers and veterans to their knees.

Watch for the men dressed in black riding their black horses with their blackened souls. Ride the opposite direction and beware: Your rank means nothing. The size of your posse means nothing. Your cries and pleas will fall on deaf ears. There is no mercy, there is no restraint. There is only your death at the hands of The Dead Men.

Joining the posse

The Dead Men have no need for more members. On the rarest of occasions, they may allow you to ride along side them. Consider yourself amongst the fortunate few if you're given this opportunity.

If, by chance, your name is "DeadMan" followed by a series of upper case 'X's, and if by chance you are a 5th legend, have a gold bolt action, carcano, and high powered pistol, and if, by chance you can hold a candle to the two Dead Men in a fire fight, you may be considered as a potential member. Nobody short of meeting these requirements will even be acknowledged.


DeadMan XXXXXXX NewDead2

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