is a ps3 Red Dead Redemption posse .

Joining the posse

if you wanna join my gang you have to prove yourself by outgunning my members in a free roam shootout and if we think you've done good we will let you in but DON'T STAB US IN THE BACK AND SHOOT US OK anyway i do have a few requirements (see below ) and if you have them that's great if not dosen't matter btw we operate out of Armadillo that's our town


  • Leader leon_smakdown28 
  • Leader 2 Laruebush


Member 1 Laruebush 

Member 2 Bloodysmurf2o9 

Member 3  pete1903  


Member 5 BEN_0203999 

Member 6 assasinsred 

Member 7 Smartie44 

Member 8 ksa_picJI_JIjJj 

Member 9 five59grinder


you need to have either the game of the year edition or most of the dlc but like i said if you don't it dosen't matter finally you need a headset i do the reason why is because i wanna talk to all my partners once again if you don't have them 2 things it doesnt matter ok 

About the posse

whenever we meet we just mess about and shoot to kill any one who wants to join us like i said prove yourself by outgunning my partners and surviving 


yours sincerly leon and pete oh and one more thing when your in our posse dont annoy us otherwise WE WILL KILL YOU STONE DEAD

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