The Symbol

The Devil's Rejects is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

One of the most feared gangs in the West. It was founded in 1890 by a man named Jebediah J. Brown, a former outlaw and gunslinger was making a posse to try and rob a the most wealthy bank in Blackwater. He and seven other dasterdly criminals formed to make the greatest bank robbery ever performed. Unfortunately they were all killed during the break in by Blackwater Police. Then when Jebediah's son, Jeremiah herd the news he went on a mad killing spree he and his friends then killed every man, woman, and child in Blackwater. From that day forward they were known as The Devil's Rejects. We are a group of criminals that the Devil would not accept to enter Hell. We are a motley crew of criminals that have come together to form this alliance. We are hunters, gunslingers, and murders. We fear nothing, They all fear us. If you ever come across us you had better pray to the Lord All Mighty that he has the power to save you, because if he won't then your as good as dead. We show no mercy to anyone.

Joining the posse

Have No Fear.


BROWN_BEHEMOTH Tonyzak36 Mr_hick21 SkoalBrothrHood NAGELBAGEL777 ryanroks11 seanroks11


In this gang there are no leaders. We are brothers.We ride together,we die together.


Jebediah J. Brown


"Bad" Bob Miller


Bobby "Bangin" Zolnerzak

Former members

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