Confederate States

The Dixie Rangers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Civil War never ended, it still lives on in the hearts of the Confederate survivors. The Dixie Rangers were the creation of shame, hatred and jealousy. The Yankee's burned our land, killed our children and kin, now we pay them back. Under the flag of the Confederacy, we fight to the last man.

We are a band of outlaws looking for redemption. We punish the unjust and fight the ones who threaten innocence. It takes the corrupt to stop the corrupt.

Joining the posse

Check out our website in the External Link part of this page. Press the apply button and send an e-mail. Or simply send us an e-mail at Tell us who you are and why you want to join, please include a GT or PSN account. We are currently not set up for PS users, but we hope to be in the near future. Currently Looking for Good Snipers If Interested Send Us an E-Mail at Aformentioned Address.


Xbox 360 Leaders

  • Leader 1 Xplode441
  • Leader 2 Spartin228

PS3 Leaders

  • Leader 1

Xbox 360 Members

  • Member 1 Spartan014B
  • Member 2 Phantom 2-1 Actual
  • Member 3 TH3 RED R4NG3R
  • Member 4 mwsurvive
  • Member 5 TheBandit554
  • Member 6 stephen r m
  • Member 7 supermatt19

PS3 Members

  • Member 1

External links


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