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Don't run, you'll just die tired...

The Duo is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are in it to win it, work with no one, and take no prisoners. We go out, kill everything everywhere, and never lose. We consist of two players, Sugarrnuttzz (Longshot) sniping and dominating from range, you won't know what hit you. While Slotterback (Quickshot) runs forward and unloads as many bullets into you as possible, before you even know he's there. We dominate and you remember, don't run. You'll just die tired.

Joining the posse

You can't join.



  • Sugarrnuttzz A.K.A The Duo- Longshot
  • Slotterback A.K.A The Duo- Quickshot

Other members

There are none, and no others are welcome, because then we wouldn't be the duo.

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