The Evil League of Evil is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

-ELE is a group that hails from several XBOX Live games, whether it be Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, Street Fighter, etc.

-We're the group that likes to fluff Joe Rogan's infected garfield, but only on Saturdays.

-We're not good, you just suck.

-Death does indeed ride a horse; our horses.

-We like to make accidents mistakes.

ELE's main place of operations is over at El Presidido, aka the Evil Fortress of Evil. We also like to hang out at Chuparosa, which may or may not be named after one of the two Evil Overlords. This posse tends to travel across Mexico and America and aren't afraid to punch a group of bears to death.

Joining the posse

Currently only by invitation or referal from an ELE member.



  • El Chupacabre66
  • TheGreatMike613


  • SinisterCanuck


  • hellfox elite
  • Intet22


-Br1sToL P1sT0L


-Law officers/Federales

-Generally any civilian




-vl SKINS lv

External links!/home.php?sk=group_245731374600

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