The Exiles is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

To Outsiders: Our Number one goal is to fight other posses. If we see you, we will fight you. If you're not with us, you're against us. So why not try to join?.

To Members: Need help fending off other posses? Want a hunting partner? Need a grinding partner? We are here to help each other. Look to our leaders for more info.

Joining the posse

Just request. We will accept you right off, but you will have an initial recruitment. Help your teammates, no friendly fire unless it is an established duel. This is really the only rule. If you are reported to a leader due to misconduct, we will kick and grief you accordingly, if the crime fits the punishment.



  • Leader - thale_89
  • Lt. - Madman_MacJ
  • GEN. - jbird91590

The three of us are in charge of membership and making sure our members are taken care of. Need help, let us know. Want to help others? We will have members placed in Commander positions, to honor their support and loyalty.

Other members

We are a new posse (9/18/2010) currently accepting new members. We are currently only on the PS3 system. To join, just send the leaders a friend request. We look forward to posse up with you.

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