Beware the fallen

The Fallen is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Fallen..dun dun dun :D Is just a clan thaat has an awesome story to how it was born ! One a dark murky black ops map called Nuketown or was it Summit ? Who cares anyway..a party of three talked among themselves those three were Toby&&Vanie&&Nick <--- MODDER :) Anyway..Nick and Vanie were fucking bored waiting for Toby to come back from peeing ! So...they made a clan ! DUN DUN DUN ! Which they named The Fallen (Duhh) Uhh..we play on Black Ops, Red Dead, Midnight Club, Hot pursuit, Grand theft auto, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and all those weird games ! But you'll mostly find us on Red Dead and Black ops (: We will organize ranks and such later when I am not lazy (: We're not a totally serious clan..none of that dictatorship lol..We do have the RULES OF Bacon ! 1. We do NOT accept glitchers into our clan ! For fun suree, totally fine but when we're in like a clan battle or such, we dont do that shit ! Nor will we battle a clan of glitchers ! Causseee we all know the reason why they go into their little glitches, cause they know they will get their asses beat (: 2. Uhh, you must never say..Peter pan is not real -.- I will kill you :D 3. I ran out of rules o-o OI ! Wait ! We do not never, ever shoot first ! We wait, so that way we have a reason to kick their asses ! <3 We have several HQ bases, like four of them throughout the whole map..but I wont say unless your in the clan xp Oh...p.s I am doing this causeee im bored XD We dont have try outs and such..but we will need to see how good you are at Red Dead.. Depending on the members, we might have training sessions and crapp But we will have meetings ! Like a weekly thing I you know just hang out and stuff LIKE FAMILY :D

Joining the posse

We ultimately decided after minutes of agonizing discussion, that we only accept prestiged players, hafta have a mic (: Not sound like a complete freaking tickle me elmo's..uhh, what were the others ? Oh ! If your annoying..your not gonna get in..send a message to x ScarletRoguee if your interested yeah ?





Lo Hye


STaRkIlLeR 702

xX Zane Xx


Little Miss Zombiee




702 Killahh Steviee


Aly Rosee Mariee xx

x Wolf 277

x Brinn 277

x Alexx 277


oO Lexxi Oo

xX Shanee Monsterr

Ryukii Chi

Dirtii Nerdii

xX Yuki Chan Oo

Wynters L0V3

xX YoDa Oo


  • xScarletRoguee
  • xX Shanee Monsterr
  • IzzyMurderrerr

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