The Feared is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Contact Pac Pride or A53linkuop (xbl)

"We are renegades, we are outlaws, we are warriors, but above all we are The Feared"- The feared motto

You need to to be able to follow the gang laws:

1.Your brothers always come before personal desires.

2.provide backup to your brothers whenever possible.

3.should a brother fall in combat at do not grieve over his loss.

4.insubordination means death

5.traitors must be hunted down and terminated

Joining the posse

In order to join, you must be able to complete a trial process consisting of three phases:

PHASE I:Reach level 7

PHASE II:Attain a bounty of over 1000$ on your head

PHASE III:complete the pike's basin and fort mercer gang hideouts with a MAXIMUM of 3 deaths and being supervised by a gang leader. completing these phases will guarantee an induction to the gang as a brother.

Competing for leader

Should a leader step down you can apply for leader by dueling all other potential candidates. last man standing wins the leader position. Should you run unopposed you automatically get the position after a 1 hour grace period.



  • Pac Pride(alias: Colton Anderson)
  • A53 linkuop(alias: Jak "the red")

Other members

  • shadowace118(alias:Jose louise)
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.

External links

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