The Fight'en Five is a Red Dead Redemption posse.
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New Adopted Flag

About the posse

Once the independent lawmen of Armadillo,till the 1911 state hood of New Austin, the five are now the law and order of New Austin but they play by a different set of rules. Hiding out in the Mexican Fort of El Presidio they act with a swift force killing everyone sparing no one.The path to peace is a bloody one.
800px-New Austin Map

Joining the posse

Talk to the leaders through XBL and take the test and you can join.Just because we're the Fight'en Five dosen't mean we dont need back up.



Senior Officers

  • PoPTart Steveie- Head of New Austin Department of Justice
  • xWALRUSBLADEx-Head of New Austin Bureau of Investigation
  • FLUFY D4 B34ST-Head of New Austin Marshall Operations

Jr. Officers

  • nolat2324=Head of Bureau of Firearms and Explosives
  • bu1crew92-Works for NABI

Special Agents

  • Hitman4Fun69-Works for BFE
  • xPANDAHAMMERx-Works for NABI
  • FLUFY D4 Z0MB1E-Works for NADJ


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