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The Four CAKEmen is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a group of four people , inspired by the four horsemen (The Biblical ones not the possee) and we created the four cakemen. Originally going to be called the Hollowpoint possee however at the last moment we changed it to the four CAKEmen. Made from the original members of the CAKE clan made on CoD4 , the remaing four members created the four CAKEmen in honour of the clan. We are a Xbox live possee

Joining the posse

Like the CAKE clan we keep a 'closed door' policy.


Nemo , Silent , Svear , Jackal


  • Nemo aka: Death The Four

Other members

  • Jackal aka Famine The Third
  • Svear aka War the Second
  • Silent aka Conquest The First

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