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The Frontiersmen is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

What was it about Armadillo that brought the scum of the earth baring down on the heels of civilized society? Cattle rustlers, cannibals, and the worst of the worst could be found drinking at that dilapidated bar, slamming whiskey after whiskey and hooting at the women. Steven Nowakowski was a frontiersman, and had been living on the outskirts of the world his entire life. People were strange to him, and their habits even stranger. A man wrongs you, you shoot him. He wrongs you twice, you shoot him in the head. Too many times now, words would be shouted and nothing would come of it. He couldn't stand it. But whenvever there was fur that needed trading, he'd mosey into town and do his business. As for Jim Domenico, he was a wild-boy. Looking at him once, you'd peg him as a bit of a dandy. But beneath that calm exterior beat the heart of a cougar. Solitary hunter. A crack shot with a rifle. He'd ridden with Dutch's gang before they split apart. He'd been running from the law ever since he was old enough to hold a gun. He spent his down time in the saloon, playing poker and trying not to draw attention to himself. The bounty on his head was large enough.

They partnered up for convenience's sake. One conversation over a dirty blackjack table led to another. Steve needed an extra hand to help him out with carting his animal pelts back to town. Jim needed an out-of-the-way place to hang his hat when the heat got too much to bear. Tanner's Reach became their base of operations, and they've been drifting about New Austin, thick as thieves ever since.


James Domenico ---------- "He is merely sport in our twisted game of hunt."

Steven Nowakowski ------"He keeps forgetting about me! I'm... insulted."

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