The Ghost Riders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

There's no messin round when we mess around. Bringing the best of the west together. Nothing can escape The Ghost Riders. HammerOjustice sharp shooter and 1911 expert the best shooter this side of the anywhere, Slack117 get away driver when he's not getting the posse the hell out of dodge he's riding with his shotgun but don't be fooled he's deadly fast in a gun fight, 0 gun priest 0 the scout best hunter and trapper you'll see good with any rifle, Shopalopa dynamite pro throws straighter than he can shoot (thank God), Psykosonyk fire bomb tech not bad with most guns he puts the fire in firefight, Johnsticle diversion expert and ambush expert watch your ass when this hombre is around he knows how to flank you faster than a jack rabbit on a skillet on a hot summer day.

Joining the posse



Hammer & Slacker


  • Leader 1 Slack117
  • Leader 2 HammerOjustice

Other members

  • Member 1 0 gun priest 0
  • Member 2 Shopalopa
  • Member 3 Psykosonyk

External links

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