About our posse

The Glorious Bastarts Clan was formed July 2011. We always endeavour to play by the rules and tend not to entertain the many glitch using clans and people in the game. We are always up for a good battle, usually in free roam but will do game modes also. So if you want to challenge us, contact one of our members and we will be happy to oblige. Please take the time to visit our website @ where you can apply to join our clan.


GB COCHISE Lvl 50 5th Prestige

GB Jambo Jones Lvl 50 5th Prestige

GB GarrFish1 Lvl 50 5th Prestige

GB Ninjaz Lvl 38 1st Prestige

Magni The Bison

SkunktypeR Lvl 50

GB Ramie1973


Waku Star Dust Lvl 8 4th Prestige

DOPE BLUD Lvl 49 4th Prestige

AJAX GB Lvl 50 5th Prestige


Should you wish to become a member of our clan, please fill in the form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. As long as you're half decent and we get on with you, you stand a good chance of getting in (numbers permitting).


There aren't many rules in our clan, but ones that we have must be adhered to, or possibly face expulsion from the group.

1. No glitching when in battle.

2. No killing of any other clan member unless a fight has been previously arranged.

3. Spawn killing should be kept to a minimum, obviously if you're being spawn killed you are inclined to do it yourself.

Thats about it.

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