Golden gang

The Golden Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the gang

we are are a gang of honor, violence and respect. in the we will attack you only if you shoot at or you talk shit to any member. in the gang you will anwser only to the leaders, whe the gang boss is not there you will anwser to the gang leader if you don't listen, team kill or your disrespectful you will be kicked. we are an outlaw clan so you may be any outlaw, characters that are not aloud are good revolver characters, good redemption characters ( john marton not aloud ) and lawmen. our base is torquemada located in east mexico, cochinay in east join you must have one gold gun

in the gang i do not allow the N word and i do not allow sexists or racists. in the gang we do posse wars multiplayer modes gang hideouts and really anything else.

characters not aloud


american army



jack swift

buffalo soldier

red harlow

leigh johnson

nigel west


jack marston

abagail marston

john marston

bonnie macfarlane

harold macdougle

Joining the posse

you must message me iambrettiam to join and you have to be an outlaw look above. once you join you must go threw a test. we play Xbox 360



  • gang boss - iambrettiam
  • gang leader - UnlivedHitman98

Other members

(Member 1 - playegage ) Member 2 - emosfox )( Member 3 - )( Member 4 - ) Member 5 - )(Member 6 -

External links

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