Goldtooth Logo v03sm

" Death Before Dishonor"

The Goldtooth Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

GT Gang of Outlaws and Thugs !

GT members that work together kill together. Watch for us on PS3 - its join or DIE as we ride causing chaos and anarchy as we go

Joining the posse

Ya Gotta Work at Goldtooth Creative, if not: we kill you.

GT Militia Members


Commandant - mrMSK

El Capitan - atomicpablo

Sargeant-@-Arms - stopemdead

Consigliere - libertas79

New Recruits

  • Ensign - KidNosferatu23
  • Gang Jester - sanchopenza
  • Militia Member - flyingquesedilla
  • Gang Decoy - lillersabomb

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