The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Screw it! This is the Wild West. We don't need no fancy introduction. You cross us, you'll be on the receiving end of our six shooters and be dragged through the desert face first. That's all you need to know! You let us conduct our business without a fuss and you may see tomorrow. You have a good day now.

Joining the Posse

Note: Ranks must be earned. You'll start at the bottom and within time work your way up. General being the highest earned rank & Gringo being the lowest, starting rank. Gringo's will start on a probationary period to prove to me, 2D & Alex that you're right for the posse. If we feel you're right then you'll be bumped up to Wrangler. Once you've really proven yourselves to us you'll be bumped up once again to the rank of Gunslinger and cement your place in the posse. The El Capitan rank will be rewarded to the two people that we feel are most deserving. The ranking system will, of course, come into effect once we actually get some new members!== ==Note: The General rank has been filled. For those who don't know and might not understand why Nitty has been bumped right up straight away, let me explain. We've been playing with Nitty for well over a year now. He's been with us through thick and thin and has NOTHING to prove to any of us. That is all.== ==NOTE: Sorry, but we're not currently taking on any new members until release.== ==Application Form: Please fill out this simple form to apply.== ==Code:== ==Gamer Tag:== ==Time Zone:== ==How Frequently Do You Visit RedNet:== ==Anything Else To Add:


||Rank||Username||Gamertag||Time Zone||

||Gringo||ATX Rastafarii||ATX Rastafarian||GMT-5||

||Gringo||Dro Zombie||Dro Zombie||GMT-6||


||Gringo||eL Greco||Greco402||GMT-6||

||Gringo||Doom.Boom||outlaw 0RANGE||GMT-4||


||Gringo||RoKing18||Ro King18||GMT+1||

||Gringo||Alexking17||RoAl 17||GMT+1||


||Rank||Username||Gamertag||Time Zone||

||The Good||Alex DeLarge||AIex DeLarge||GMT+2||

||The Bad||LeeLee862||LeeLee862||GMT+1||

||The Ugly||-2D||JAM AND BUTTER||GMT+1||

||General||Nitty Don||Nitty Don/Shyte Pipes||GMT+1||

Other members

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