GreyWolf_Odin is the Leader and Alpha wolf of Clan GreyWolf

GreyWolf_007 is the clan Beta(Second in Command)

GreyWolf_Otaktay is third in command and leader of the sniper division.

Active Members:

GreyWolf_Ares, GreyWolf_Loki, GreyWolf_Deep360, GreyWolf_Mayhem, GreyWolf_360

General Info:

The GreyWolf clan is an elite group of fighters that hunt as a well trained unit. unmatched in their ability to fight against superior numbers by sticking together. we live up to our names and fight with a passion and feroscity that can't be beat. where there is one of us, you can rest assured that the rest of the pack is around. you may not be able to see us all but we always see you.


The GreyWolf Clan can be found on The Playstation 3 console in tall trees or the Cochinay fortress. that is our hunting ground and territory. we will defend our land to the last though it may be you that is left with your tails between your legs.

Contact Info:

If you find yourself interested in joining our clan you can message myself or GreyWolf_007 and we can get you set up with an active profile and begin to level you up. once you are part of the pack you have friends for life. we will back you up no matter the odds. thats a guarantee.

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