This is The Hanging Rock Gang! It was created by a friend when we wanted to name our posse but we couldn´t decide it´s name. We thought about places that we frecuently visited (Armadillo, Blackwater, Mescalero etc.) and suddenly he suggested 'The Hanging Rock'. We thought is was ok so that was he name we chose. Characters in this gang are: Connor Callahan (Lawmen), John Kelby (Cattlerustlers), Dr.Lane Davies and Tony Gallows.

It´s a very defendable place, when police (or players) are chasing us. Also it´s cool that there is a treasure there in the storyline! We generally clear gang hideouts, (specially Twin Rocks and Warthington Ranch, where you can kill Walton and get the Explosive Rifle).

To join the posse, you must text Gguido_99 or Uruguay0599 (PS3), and you may join this awesome gang!



  • Leader 1 Gguido_99 as Connor Callahan
  • Leader 2 Uruguay0599 as Tony Gallows

Other members

  • Member 1 mccloud92 as Dr. Lane Davies
  • Member 2 RealDeal_Skills as John Kelby

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