The Hooded Cobra

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The Hooded Cobras is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Posse first started as a band named Ayrs own but then the band Split after just 2 Gigs. The Drummer of that Band Went on to Xbox 360 to join the Lead Guitarist, who had already been a member of the Xbox Community for Sevral Years before the Realease of the Xbox 360. The Singer of that band Bought the PS3 on its Realease and has been Playing that for a while now, but the singer moved on to the Xbox 360 forgeting about his former Band members being Hardcore gamers and would challenge the Singer if given the Chance to. Feeling abit unsure of his chances the Singer asked The Drummer and The Guitarist to join a Band with him his Bass Guitar playing friend. This then Formed an XBox Clan Called "A ... Bro". Later on they all Decided to get a game called Red Dead Redemption on this Game they came up with the Name The Hooded Cobras as there Posse Name.

Joining the posse

You need to Go through rough Training of Clan Matches, Pulling All Nighters and The Most important of all Being Good.


CIM MAD, CIM Silver, TFM Crowned and Al Yogibear


  • CIM Silver

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