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Captain Mortimer, the leader of this posse.

The Innocents is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

'bout the posse.

The posse, The Innocents, is a posse formed by several lawmen, such as Captain Mortimer. His Right hand, Joaquin Murrieta is a well known lawmen as well. Some of the actions they've performed in the past are the arrest/murder of desperado's the Arrow Brothers.

Joaquin Murrieta

Joaquin Murrieta, second in command.

How do I join this posse?

Members and more

This posse is lead by - Leader: Meneer Rik

- Right hand: MeneerDion

Other members

  • Meneer Wietse
  • Meneer Juul
  • Meneer Jack
  • B100 LP

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