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The Irish-Mob PSN is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a clan of really any nationality. We were once a clan before the PSN hack (one of the more known ones of the time) but due to that hack we split up. We like to play serious though we do have fun. We want to be a clan for hire like mercenaries, assassins, and spies but also be our own group. We are small at the time but we just recently decided to start this group. Basically this clan with start on RDR and when GTA V is released we will convert (reason for the modern day gang name not a western style clan) Our game is RDR. We will have a recruitment test and rankings. If you would like to join mesage the leaders below and we will set up a time to talk and see your strong points and whatever else. If you are mature and listen well things will go smooth. If not, don't plan on being a member.

Joining the posse

Talk to Irish-Mob-Wolf, Irish-Mob-Trish, or Irish-Mob-Thor (Trish will probably say talk to Wolf)



  • Leader 1 Wolf
  • Leader 2 Trish
  • Irish-Mob-Thor 
  • Irish-Mob-Outlaw 
  • Irish-Mob-Rare
  • Irish-Mob-Outlaw 
  • Irish-Mob-Razor
  • Irish-Mob-Nuke 
  • Irish-Mob-Shadow 
  • Irish-Mob-Roosta 
  • Irish-Mob-Nero 
  • Irish-Mob-Rabbit

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