The Irish Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Pendalum

The Irish Brotherhood is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Irish Brotherhood Is A Decent Group, We Are Up To A Challenge, And Greatly Enjoy Intense Posse Wars At Various Locations. We Also Create Many Unlisted Mini-Games In Red Dead Redemption. We Are Also Quite Well Known From Our Part In LEXICON-PRODUCTIONS's Machinima Series "Intruder". We Do Normally Have An In-Game Base That We Are Usually Stationed At You Will Be Notified Of Its Location If You Join. XBOX 360

Joining the posse

If Your Interested In Joining The Irish Brotherhood Please Contact The Administrator Listed Below, Or Go To Our Website And Leave A Message At The CONTACT US Section



  • Administrator 1 Alpha Team ZAZ


  • Leader 1 Alpha Team ZAZ
  • Leader 2 IRISHxxPRIDE

Other members

  • Member 1 XxM4DxxDoGxX
  • Member 2 EvilMokeys
  • Member 3 MasterPaul1212
  • Member 4 [RECRUITING]
  • Member 5 [RECRUITING]
  • Member 6 [RECRUITING]

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