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About Us:

We are a gaming clan found only on the PS3. We mostly are found playing Rockstar games. Every now and then we will break away from playing Red Dead Redemption or GTA. You can find us playing Free Mode, Gang Shootouts, & Team Death-Matches. On our free time we like to record videos. We can be friendly, but if you choose to get on our bad side we will show you what we are made of. We are currently accepting members so click here to register and we will accept your registration asap. Our contact info is located below.

(We need players that can be serious and that don't play around at times when we need help. There are times when we just joke around just not all the time.)

The J Squad was founded on May 18, 2010 by four friends: biglank007, HerseyBoyRockz, justiceman1, & kingnelson1

© 2011 Official J Squad PSN Clan.

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