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The Jokers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We like to:

  • Complete gang hideouts,
  • kill other posses,
  • find and use glitches (eg: Blackwater slingshot),
  • Complete challenges and joke around in general.

We are all friends and we are just out for some fun.

Joining the posse

To Join the Posse, you must have or be the following,

  • You MUST be 16 or over,
  • You MUST have a Headset,
  • You Must have the Undead Nightmare and Outlaws to the end DLC,
  • We accept any level,
  • We are all friends so expect a friend request if you join the posse.
  • We also use a lot of profanity and mature humour, so don't join if you are easily offended.

IF you do have or are all of the above, send a message to darkacez1.



  • Leader: darkacez1
  • Vice-Leader: GLENSON30

Other members

  • Member 1 ELIOT7789
  • Member 2 Little Champz
  • Member 3 Antono1999

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