The Knaves are a Red Dead Redemption posse.
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About the posse

The Knaves were founded in 1907 by Nellie Wilson. The Governor had threatened to tear down the small cow-town of Rock Ridge to lay down tracks for his railroad. But, the townspeople revolted. The Governor's political advisor vowed to remove the townspeople from Rock Ridge and complete the railroad by whatever means necessary.

Nellie recruited some locals and friends to help protect the citizens. The Governor called Nellie's posse The Knaves, in an attempt to turn the townspeople against them. Soon after, the town's admired Sheriff was killed by a stray bullet during a New Year's celebration. Rumors of foul play were widely spread, and the townsfolk wanted answers.

Nellie and the Knaves again stepped in to help find a suitable and trustworthy replacement. Now, the Knaves had purpose. To rid their town, and any town that needed their help, of corruption and political greed.

Joining the posse

Level Requirements
Must be equal or greater to Level 20

Gaming Requirements
Must have a Xbox360
Must have a Xbox360 Gamertag
Must have Red Dead Redemption
Must have experience playing Free Roam, Free For All, and Gang Matches

To be accepted has a member of the Knaves you must complete the following steps:
1. Contact Nellie Wilson by email or private message on this REDDEAD forum. Once approved, you will be given a rank.
2. Send a friend request via Xbox Live to Nellie Wilson.

Once approved, your Xbox 360 gamertag will be listed here on this page and you will be one of the Knaves.




  • The Knave - Nellie Wilson


  • The Spades - DeerSlayer9799, JakeSMay


  • The Hearts - The Wataugan, Seany agc, BloodGoreXVBIX


  • The Diamonds - ZeroTX91, Rock4004, Basenurface2013


  • The Clubs - KLRXI, PhreePhil, Bace5566, Cartman Zombie


  • Shotgun Specialist - KillieDaKidd

External links

The Knaves Homepage

The Knaves @

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