The Krymzon Revolverz is aRed Dead Redemption posse.

Symbolizes the fractured, but not yet dead KRYMZON REVOLVERS

About the posse

This posse was established by LORD_MO_33, huhgrection, TheRenegade911, and RiCK_480 officially on Mar.20,2011. The Krymzon Revolvers is strictly a team-based posse which is willing to help those who are committed to achieving Higher Ranks and obtaining Golden Weapons. THIS IS STRICTLY A PSN ONLY POSSE.

Joining the posse

To Join the posse you must meet requirements and add the gamertag of the remaining founders ; TheRenegade911

Current rules and requirements of joining the posse are: To join the Krymzon Revolverz you MUST be at least 2nd LEGEND and have 3 GOLDEN GUNS and beat one FOUNDER or CO-founder in a gang match or something equal to that.(one try a day). MUST be active (at least 3 to 4 hours a DAY on RED DEAD REDEMPTION.)

These are NOT permanent rules.


- TheRenegade911(FOUNDER) - aPeaceOfJustice(co-Founder) - LORD_MO_33 (InActive) - huhgrection (InActive) - RiCK_480 (InActive)


External links

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  • "Shoot and let Die"
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  • The Explosive Power of Teamwork!

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