The Last Gentlemen is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Last Gentlemen are a Los Angeles-based posse, consisting of former Activision and Infinity Ward employees as well as their associates. The Last Gentlemen (TLG) were a posse existing in the real world before entering the domain of Red Dead Redemption. Their core belief in the resurrection of chivalry serves as the singular uniting banner under which this posse was formed. Members hail from many regions surrounding Los Angeles and Southern California all the way to Virginia, and it is rumored that within the TLG ranks is a notorious spectre whose murky origins lay in the blood-stained streets of Houston, Texas.

Other Core Values: 1. Upon the completion of tooting, a booting must ensue. 2. Fake-ass bitches get real-world pain. 3. If cannabinoids are in copious amounts, one's attire must remain "G'ed Up" 4. Upon completion of dining in a restaurant where the server's services have been rendered to a satisfactory level, a tip of at least 15% is considered reasonable compensation for aforementioned services

Joining the posse

Membership is officially closed, but open on a case-by-case, invitation-only basis. This is an Xbox 360 posse.



  • EdgarAllenPwnz
  • CertifiedPrePwnd
  • Istrin
  • Mister T0ast
  • Maury Pwnvich
  • Michael "*Exasperated Hands* MIII-KAAAY" Austin

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