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The Lawmen of Blackwater is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are all lawmen in this posse.We will help other online players if they need help,but only if they do not try to kill us.We can be hired to kill other players or posses.We will do different things like gang hideouts,kill other posses,online matches etc.You have to try to listen to leaders.You can have fun and kill each other but do not get mad at each other.If you start to kill other posse members you will get banned from the posse,first for one week,then for one month,then I will kick you out of the posse for good.Once you join the posse you will be put on a rank.I will pick the rank and as you get better and do more challenging things you will go up in ranks.You can also go down in ranks.

Joining the posse

To join the posse this is the list of things you have to do and have.

-You dont have to have a mic

-Must have a character of a Lawmen,Marshals,American Army,and Federales[Marshal if you have Liars and Cheats DLC]

-It does not matter what level you are on[our posse will help you get higher]

-It does not matter how old you are

-Message gtafan2001 a freind invite (tell that you want to join the posse in the message)



  • Leader 1 gtafan2001
  • Leader 2 gumek71

Other members

member 1 : ccat61100

member 2 :

member 3 :


Alltime Leaders

Leader of posse:gtafan2001

2nd Leader of posse:gumek71

Leader Assistant

Leaders Sidearm

Private Assassin



Killer Ranks

Leaders Sidearm Killer

Major Killer

First Class Killer

Junior Killer

Posse Personal Ranks



Lieutenant Colonel



1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant

Command Sergeant

Posse Positions






Gatling Gun

Thrown Weapons

External links

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