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About The Legacy

The Legacy is a new clan formed for the fun of Red Dead Redemption, its for hanging out with friends and doing alot of activities together.Red harlow and john marston by o opazo o-d39xe4l

The Outfitter:

These items are nessesary for clan.

Title: The Legend

Mount: Buffalo

Leader Mount: Alibino Buffalo

Charactors: Will be discussed in the end of the page.

Weopon: You must have atleast have one gold weopon or more.


X7-Shadow-Snake - Leader

XxTr0bleM4kerxX - Leader


You must follow The Outfitter rules.

You must have a Social Club account.

You are not required to change your PSN ID.

You must be Legend 1 and level 50 or above as the leaders are already Legend 5 level 50.

If you want to apply contact ShadowsMGO on YouTube.


You are not allowed to pick John Marston or Red Harlow.

Redemption: Jack Marston, Abigail Marston, Bonnie, Marshal Johnson, Luisa Fortuna, Seth Briars.

Damnation: Irish, Edgar Ross, Dutch, Bill, Collonel Allende, Abraham Reyes Professor McDougle.

Revolver: Jack Swift, Buffalo Soldier, Shadow Wolf, Annie Stokes, Mr.Kelley.

Revolution: Landon Ricketts, Vincente de Santa, Javier, Jonah, Nastas.

NOTE: I excluded alot of charactors for all those above I did not forget to add them you may only chose from the ones above.

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