Wildlife grizzlybear

The Legends Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are usually that annoying posse who end up pissing you off and starting a large scale conflict. We usually roam around getting wanted by the law and leveling up. We don't always annoy people, but if they get to close we kill em. We are experienced players having fun. Also if you join this posse all of us will always have your back teamwork is key to survival in free roam.We also HERD BEARS if you wanna learn what that is you need to join us. So if you wanna have some fun and gain Red Dead experience join us.

Joining the posse

Must be at the lowest lvl 30. YOU MUST HAVE A PS3. Other than that everyone and I mean everyone is welcome to join just get in contact with goarmy121 or terrorist_109 via friend request.



  • Leader 1 terrorist_109
  • Leader 2 goarmy121

Other members

  • Member 1 mafiajc_429
  • Member 2 LoLuCry
  • Member 3 etc. baser1

External links

Wildlife grizzlybear

Our posse animal

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