The Legends of the West Militia is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A small group of members that ride around and kill outlaws to keep peace in America.

Joining the posse

Basically we will give you tasks to do and things. It wont be anything to hard just maybe like a hunting mission or an winning a old fashion duel with one of the posse members it just depends on your level and skill.

"Requirements for Joining the Posse"

Must have a mic.

Must respect leaders.

Must use the nicknames we give you.

Must be at least a level 24, and must have the Liars and Cheats and Legends and Killers packs.

Cannot use John Marston or Abraham Reyes as a character but can be anyone else but them.

Must live by these rules in the posse. Never leave a man behind, Always follow the commands we give you (etc.)

When playing you must live by our code: We stand together!! We fight together!! We die together!!

More rules will be stated upon joining. Send either me Chicken Puffle or I2ubber Duckii a message saying you want to join.



  • Leader1: Expert Hunter and Tactical Force Rifleman Master: "Elk" a.k.a Chicken Puffle
  • Leader2: Expert Hunter and Tactical Sniper Unit Master: " White Turtle" a.k.a I2ubber Duckii

Other members

  • Member1: The Apprentice Sniper: "Crosshair"
  • Member2: The Tactical Rifleman Apprentice: *Not Yet Named*
  • Member3: The Apprentice Expert Hunter: Yet to be established

  • These are not the actual gamertags just nicknames we gave to them*

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