The Lockhart Brothers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are outlaws. We live, breath, eat danger. We help one another as needed and always have eachothers backs.

Joining the posse

We don't have any sort of entry test or trial. (Yet, anyway.) But we do follow this simple creed. 1. No over-reacting to accidents. Accidents happen people, and if someone accidently blows you up or runs you over don't freak out and go on a mad chase for revenge. 2. If you leave the Brotherhood, there is no rejoining. If you leave your brothers, you must learn to ride without them. 3. You MUST have the Turkmen mount unlocked to join. So you can aleast keep up when we ride. 4. No bitching. Pretty simple. 5. Never betray the brotherhood.


the96impala ss TheReaper881 RORHER LORD Choppstikz Sergeant Zulu We just started so, yeah.


  • Sergeant Zulu
  • Choppstikz

Other members

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