Map of the terrirories

A Map showing our territories

The Lost Crusaders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

What you need to know and the basics of how we roll.

We are the lost crusaders. we are an informidable enemy and we are a good force united or alone. We also love to either do posse battles, mess around or role play.

Our base of operations is shown in the map to the left, El Presido, Theives Landing and another worn fortress.

we are an enemy of any other posse that are inconvinient to us and our way of destruction. We may be based in mexico, but we will try and dominate other territories in diffrent areas. Our territories are based where they are due to lack of law enforcement and good use of defensive areas. The lost crusaders are a posse made up of great people and great players. some are competetive, others just enjoy watching bullets fly into the unsuspecting faces of our enemies. The Lost Crusaders are, as said before, a forced to be wreckoned with.

Why we succeed in what we do

Who's in?

Here is a list of the Crusaders.

Posse Commanders

  • AtOMiiK x PaNdA* (Tom)
  • molea man* (Jack)

Posse Members

  • AtOMiiK x PaNdA* (Tom)
  • molea man* (Jack)
  • AtOMiiK x BaDgA (Mike)
  • xXx ToXiCZz xXx (Owen)
  • kcsmoothz (Kyle)
  • iM 4 PRO sNiPeZ (Josh)
  • Beanieboy95 (Ben or Bem)



The posse entry requires a task to be completed for both the leaders. this could be as simple a task as killing someone in a unique way or completing gang hideouts with only one weapon and one life.

The posse can also be told to assist or prevent you from completing your set task. Depending on the current difficulty of the set task. The current leaders, AtOMiiK x PaNdA and molea man are the only two in the posse that can set tasks. if another posse member sets a task, you may complete it, but it will not apply for admission. you have been warned.

However, if you live locally and we know you then admission to the posse is free and will require none less than Xbox live and a level and age above 12.

To find us, either add molea man or AtOMiiK x PaNdA on xbox live (NO PSN) for a trial. Otherwise add us for a battle. we'd be more than happy to oblige.

Thank you for reading and we'll see you out in there!

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