Don't mess with the Lynch Mob

The Lynch Mob is a Red Dead Redemption xbox live posse.

What The Lynch Mob is about

We are about having fun and friendly competition but don't piss us off because you will be strung up in a tree faster than you can blink. The Lynch Mob's base of operations is in Torquemada, Mexico.

Joining The Lynch Mob

Our rules are pretty simple DON'T BITCH AND COMPLAIN the occasional "damn it he killed me" is fine but don't make it a habit or your ass will be the next one getting lynched. If you wanna try out send a message to xKi11 Em A11x or vxKingNothingxv on xbox live and we'll see what you can do.

The Mob

The Leaders

  • xKi11 Em A11x (XBL)
  • vxKingNothingxv (XBL)

The Members

  • MickyG55 (XBL)
  • IceCold Killa94 (XBL)
  • Member 3 etc.

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