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The Mafia is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

I like cars. <3<3<3<3<3
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==About the mafia.==

Rules: 1. Kill Courtly Room115 2. Never kill a man, coutly likes them. 3. Our homeland is Theive's Landing 4. If You can try and blend in with C.P.U's 5. Dont kill Cpu's in Thieve's Landing because im pathetic like that, 6. Try and get a character that is dressed quite camply because i like camp. oh yes ido.

============================================ HIT LIST ====================================================
  • I love RA LELU but cant have her :'(
  • I drink peepee, dont believe me? look on utube ;D
  • x Sam the Kid is me ex-boyfriend, he dumped me because im too needy
  • Any one Who calls Them selves Dark Riders
  • Mr DiamondsX who is now RA zKingThreeVX is a better leader than me.
  • $Anyone That Gets In My Way$

Yes, just yes.
RA vs The Mafia(16:59)
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Joining The Mafia

Is a bad idea because the youtube links above show how bad we are :(

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Cam The MAN
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The Mafia Members

  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random

The Mafia Leaders

  • Random

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