The few. The proud. The Marshmallow Banditos!

The Marshmallow Banditos is a Red Dead Redemption 360 posse.

About the posse

We are a posse that is feared among the younger kids in Red Dead. We curse a lot and talk trash, don't like it you can mute us. We have 5 core members that make up The Marshmallow Banditos. We play only on the 360. We play for fun, if you glitch we will vote to kick you and report you. We stay in the city of Armadillo and El Presidio in Mexico.We use a lot of weapons that include the HIGH POWER PISTOL and or the MAUSER PISTOL, if you don't like it, piss off there guns in the game. We play free roam mostly. Our activities include 1. Running TRAIN 2. Owning Noobs 3. Making fun of Kids 4. Having Fun.

Joining the posse

If you wish to join, you must request from one of the 2 leaders. You must not be a child with a high voice, You must not be a FAG and use glitches because you cant play the game and must cheat to win. If we like you we will send an invite to you. If you do not except the invite, you will be killed and never invited again. One way to please us is to make a person leave the session. One of you tasks for your enter The Marshmallow Banditos is you must hunt a player down till he gets so angry that he leaves the session. The other task is you have to pick one of the posse members to be on your team for a 2v2 land grab. If you can do one of these things and compleat it we will have no problem leting you in. If you fail both tasks you will not be able to procure a slot in our ranks, unless we think of something else for you to do.

Outfits mounts and ect

We do not care if you dress as a lady or a man. Any outfit is welcome. Any title will do. However we do request a fast mount. The Hungarian Half Breed (white horse) or any other mount unlocked after that will do.. If we ride to a place, we want to ride to get there and get there fast.

What we play

We play Free Roam mostly. We can be seen doing land grabs in the city of Armadillo and the gang hide outs. If you want to play us, feel free. If challenged to a game mode we may take you up on your offer.



  • Leader 1 NATO BushMaster
  • Leader 2 Barokodactyl

Other members

  • Member 1 Ma Wang3p031
  • Member 2 Bigtacos4me
  • Member 3 USx REAPER xMC
  • Member 4 Battle Carrot

We take new members on a daily bases.

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