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Our great leader

The Men Without Consciences is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

Disclaimer Crap

We act like tools to each others on this page, but we all get laughs out of it at the end and we are friends, we arent vandalizing or insulting players we are simply poking at ourselves, also theres a spoiler somewhere in here incase you havent finished the game.

About the posse

Our posse does just about anything: kick the shit out of gangs, mexicans and other posses. We also hunt bears because we're badass. By the way, we kill over PSN.

Our posse vision came upon us when our psycho friend, Forsakenday was noted to lack a conscience. We followed him through the realm of red dead redemption, slaughtering the men, rape the women, as long as there hot, then kill them too, murder the horses, loot the corpses, shoot the bodies again, maybe burn them if there not superior.

common issues our posse faces: Shmoopys belkin router, Adam stabbing his horse in the face, brandon and jesse being Internet Tough Guy's with there guitars, brandon shooting us with his fat people abilities, Shmoopy fapping to... basically anything (especially if it has a lazy eye), DJs and COUGARS

OH BOY THE COUGARS. We stab bears in the face for the lulz and all, but we kill cougars with a special hatred, these feline bastards come around 9001 numbers in the tall trees area and usually kill your horse then kill you. You then are like ZOMG H4X WAT DO and try and shoot them away, but they doesnt afraid of anything.

Morals and Values


However we dont endorse, shooting the pelvis region, sandboxing OF ANY SORT, or the use of keiths breath.

Our Forms of Justice

Your fate is judged as followed in The Men Without Consciences.

Crime Punishment
Being innocent Death
Murder pat on the back then stabbed in the back
causally killing and not being adam adam hunts you and your family down
Being a lawman or US army man Shot repeatedly in chest so you cant breath, john marston, nevar forget
Being a mexican, liberal, skater, horse or furry Death
A lone tard Shooting down your helicopter screaming VIETNAM
Fat Mexican in the background Scaring the hell outta us
A crooked nose eagle face our leader, cwatididthere

Joining the posse

Message Forsakenday (PSN)


Forsakenday-the psycho that started it all. Gets 12 kills a day at least and is proud, professional horse stabber. Motherfucker is crazy like that. Online dates. Faps to Marks sister every night. Can kill you in 3 seconds.

MajorShmoopy-the fgt that found the psycho. Also is a god with dynamite. Just saying, also looks like the bad guy from no country for old men.

SAA95-pretty cool guy, never is on though. bastard has 0 picks of him, ANYWHERE


peagle08-small; faps to brandon all the time.

AtomicGerbil- LOLJK 2 POOR FOR PS3. Biggest newfag ever, acts like he has no conscience but is the weakest link. has a large ego and plays paintball.




Other members




The unattractive faces that you dont wanna see behind TMWC (-adam)

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Basically what MajorShmoopy looks like

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Brandon435 is Fat. Peagle08 has beaten off to this 100 times so far, and counting

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AtomicGerbil also DJs

External links

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