The Missouri Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A democratic collection of like minded lawmen, reformed gunslingers, gun hands, and shootists looking to ride the frontier on XBL. The Missouri Gang generally rides the open plains, the mesas, and deserts. They specialize in hunting animals, cleaning out gang hideouts, and maintaining law and order. While it is an affiliation of gamers it is not a "lifer posse".

The Missouri Gang has a zero tolerance policy towards "bandits" or the select few anti-social/sociopathic players who have taken it upon themselves to shoot anything that moves. If the Missouri Gang sees any of this problem behavior or a request for help is made, they shall react with deadly force until the problem player leaves the area or free roam session. If any hostile action is carried out against the Missouri Gang, they will respond without pause or remorse. The same applies to their members. If any members are caught terrorizing other posses or players without having been fired upon first, they are "put down" for their first offense and after the second they are expelled from the ranks of the Missouri Gang and earn a "SOS" (shoot on sight) certification.

The Missouri Gang also collects most wanted bounties, each member gaining respect in the ranks for each "bounty" they collect on. That being said, the Missouri Gang also encourages other posses to try and collect on the "Most Wanted" bounties that they amass as well.

Joining the posse

The criteria for membership are as follows:

-Follow the Golden Rule: "Don't Be a Dick...Be A Dude."

-No kids. Only players age 18+ allowed

-Members are not bound to any specific character models and can be whoever they want to be

-Each member riding with the posse must follow the Rules of Engagement: "Do not fire unless fired upon. If they do fire upon you, put 'em down...hard."

-Members should pay attention to the leader when they are calling shots.

Those seeking to join the Missouri Gang should send an email request to the following address: The email should include a brief synopsis of the player's style and reasons for wanting to join. From there the request for membership will be reviewed. Upon making contact with the head of the gang, an assignment is given to the initiate and if they can complete it with a gang member present, they can join the gang.



  • Irishtiger36
  • Kissarmy76 78
  • Crimedog 57
  • Mcgriffin

Other members

  • Open recruiting at the moment to those who qualify.
  • trebor riordan
  • Shadowloft
  • tim3bandit57
  • SittingTurtl3

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